Waves: Art Co Gallery Exhibition • 7/5 - 7/24


A Deep Ellum Art Company Gallery Exhibition -
Gallery Opening, Friday, July 5th (6:00 PM - 8:00 PM)
Work on display until Jul 24th
---Free every weekday from 4pm - 8pm** (doors for evening production) and weekends from 1-7pm (**approximately, please see schedule for accurate information on daily events)

“The waves move across a faint horizon, the rush of love and the surge of grief, the respite of peace and then fear again, the heart that beats and then lies still, the rise and fall and rise and fall of all of it, the incoming and the outgoing, the infinite procession of life. And the ocean wraps the earth, a reminder. The mysteries come forward in waves.”
― Susan Casey

Head to The Deep End of Deep Ellum and immerse yourself in love and the creativity of your local community artists, and find the perfect piece of art for your home!