Art Yard Gallery / Outdoor / Street Art

Art Yard Gallery

Street artists are all around us in the DFW Metroplex, making our brick and mortar surroundings more colorful, more beautiful, and more human.  Within our Art Yard Gallery, we are able to display pieces in the same outdoor environment where the artists create work that they are already so well known for. This also allows you to not only view it in its intended environment, but to also take a part of Deep Ellum home with you!

Our outdoor gallery uniquely features custom made panels made from a durable weatherproof material that retains zero moisture, making them the perfect outdoor/indoor canvas, which our artists report is easy to work with!  Lightweight and flexible, these panels can be mounted on a fence, the side of a building, or inside with modern sign standoff posts that enhance their display. Hung with mounts, or even industrial adhesed to the side of a building, it make it easy to bring Deep Ellum to you. We can even coordinate and ship large murals anywhere on a commission basis, piecing the material together in 4x8 sheets. We make it easy for you to achieve a beautiful centerpiece or wall to your living area or business!

We work with an extensive amount of local DFW artists, and provide commissioned opportunities using this unique material and mounting system! 

Typical Panel Dimensions (in feet):

2x2, 4x4, 4x6

Optional / Commissioned pieces

4x8, 16x8, and a variety of other sizings

Email our Artistic Director Kari LaRue - - for more information on commissions / specialty work!