“Landscapes of the Mind”
Group Art Exhibition

Opening Night
Thursday, August 23
(6:00 PM - 8:00 PM)

Works on display until September 5th

“That's what dreams are really like, you know? They're not full of melting clocks or floating roses or people made out of rocks. Most of the time, dreams look just like the normal world. It's your feelings that tell you something's off. Not your mind, not your intellect, not something as obvious as that. The only part of you that really knows what's going on is the part of you that's most a mystery. If that's not Surrealism, I don't know what is.”
― Amy Reed,

Deep Ellum Art Company’s local artists have their dreams, fantasies, and imaginations on display with their surrealism inspired pieces along our 55ft gallery wall, creating an exhibition full of strange wonders, and unique original artwork.
Please join us and support your local Dallas artists, by coming out to enjoy the show we have gathered together for you, have a tasty libation, enjoy the music following the opening, and purchase a piece of unique artwork!