“Stories and Anecdotes”
Group Art Exhibition

Gallery Opening
Thursday, August 9
(6:00 PM - 8:00 PM)

Works on display until Aug 8

“There are people.
There are stories.
The people think they shape the stories,
but the reverse is often closer to the truth.

Stories shape the world.
They exist independently of people,
and in places quite devoid of man,
there may yet be mythologies.”
- Alan Moore

Deep Ellum is filled with a variety of stories and tales. Our local artists are the story tellers and Deep Ellum Art Co's 55 ft gallery wall is the catalyst that brings it all to light!

Come take in the intricate details, the rich colors, and the vibrant tales while also enjoying our spacious Bar and Art Yard! Support your local artists, and celebrate the diversity of our city.

All Artwork on display is available for sale on our website, as well as select past pieces, at: https://shop.deepellumart.co

Music to follow opening night:
Peroni Presents Rage Radio: Art Music Culture